Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace

Have you heard this?! Now, I wouldn't consider myself a terribly emotional guy, but this track cuts me deep. Several things about it made me squirm on first listen. The baritone croon, the swarming reverb, and the lyrics, which seem to become more and more profound with each ascending repetition, without at all becoming dull. It's almost as if they repeat incessantly because the struggle he sings about hasn't yet - or won't ever - resolve...or maybe that's just me.

It's sharing songs like this that brought me back to TAO (and due to popular demand, of course). Hopefully I can keep it up this time.

*Oh, and thanks to a completely unfriendly internet search name, it's really hard to find more music by these guys. If you happen to have more luck than I have, please, help out a friend.

Video: Girls - Hellhole Ratrace

**Thanks Matt Golden for finding this extremely resourceful article about Girls!

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